Brillian Forever

Brillio Alumni Program

The Alumni Network aims at keeping former employees connected, informing Brillio Alumni of events, and providing new opportunities.
The base of the Alumni Network is to offer various alumni services.

B-Forever Welcomes You

Become part of a growing and inspiring network. We look forward to you rejoining us as Alumni where you will receive exclusive access to resources and benefits.

Access to the member’s directory

We recognize and appreciate your time, efforts, and hard work spent at Brillio. We want you to stay a part of the Brillio family!

Leverage HR services

Connect with the Brillio HR Team and leverage services regarding work experience and payroll.

Unique opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community

Continue to make an impact in the community through our various CSR initiatives and opportunities.

Meet with old colleagues and network

Ability to communicate and stay-in-touch with colleagues, friends, and mentors who have been influential to your career.

Newsletters and job offers

Stay up-to-date on Brillio newsletters, reports, and events, and receive notifications on best-match job availabilities.

Invites to alumni events

Receive invites to special alumni events, allowing you to re-live your days at Brillio. Once a Brillian, always a Brillian.